Dr Alastair Baker (University of Nottingham)

Multifunctional flow platform advances for enhanced catalytic biobutanol production


Rachel Kearsey (University of Liverpool)

High-throughput discovery and evaluation of porous liquids


Christian Meier (University of Liverpool)

Structure-property relationships for covalent-triazine based frameworks: the effect of spacer length on photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water


James Pegg (University College London)

The chemistry of nuclear materials


Dr Katie Simmons (University of Leeds)

Identification of tools to probe insulin receptor: insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IR: IGF1R) hybrid dimer formation


Zoe Smallwood (University of Sheffield) 

Nitrogen-rich coordination compounds: towards ‘smokeless’ energetic materials


Dr Thomas Swift (University of Bradford)

Polymer complexation and the beautiful lie; complex laddering of globular structures


Dr Markus Zegke (University of Bradford)

Bis-picolinamide metal dihalide complexes: high potency and cancer cell selectivity